Esab CarryVac 2 – Portable Extracton Unit


CarryVac 2 – Portable extraction unit

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The Carryvac 2 P150 / P150 AST (Auto-Start) are two small, lightweight, portable extraction units designed to be carried to the working area. Connected to a welding torch or to an extraction nozzle, the Carryvac 2 units extract the fume directly at source. The polluted air is filtered and captured in an hygienically-packed filter. The Carryvac 2 is equipped with a filter indicator which shows when the filter must be replaced. It is ideal for light production and maintenance welding,  medium-duty cycle. The filter capacity is approximately 200 kg of solid wire or twelve 15 kg spools. The Carryvac 2 P150 AST is equipped with an automatic start/stop function which increases the service life of each filter and of the unit itself. The Carryvac 2 P150 can be mounted on ESABs standard welding machines using the supplied mounting kit.

The auto start function allows the extraction unit to start as soon as an arc is struck by the welder, this allows your welder to “forget” that the extraction is there and still protect themselves and the rest of the workforce.

Suitable Welding Processes Include;
  • Plasma Cutting
  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)
  • GTAW (TIG)
  • PAW – Plasma Arc Welding



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110v, 110v with autostart, 230v, 230v with autostart