Well, Whilst On Board Royal Navy Vessels It Can. Merkle U.K And Met Connect Have Supplied The Armed Forces With Welding…

MetConnect sets sail to the Indo-Pacific Region with HMS Queen Elizabeth


As the HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail to the Indo-Pacific region in May 2021 to visit over 40 countries on its 28-week deployment, MetConnect will be sailing with them.


Rather the welding gear we have supplied the armed forces for 20 years will. The HMS Queen Elizabeth is likely to be carrying our Fume Extraction systems, TIG and MIG machines and Plasma Cutters. Given that the MoD has described it as the “ Though she may be the one pulling all the headlines, HMS Queen Elizabeth won’t be the only ship carrying our welding equipment. Accompanying HMS Queen Elizabeth will be two Type 45 Destroyers: HMS Defender and HMS Diamond. They also carry welding gear supplied to the armed forces by MetConnect. Overall, the surface fleet will be made up of the £3 billion warship, with eight RAF F35B stealth fighter jets on board, will depart for Asia accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine, 14 naval helicopters and a company of Royal Marines. That’s plenty of metal and plenty to weld. So the MoD have gone with the best possible welding supplier, MetConnect. We don’t just supply the armed forces though, we also repair and replace anything the MoD use. We have an in-house fully equipped repair centre and fully trained service technicians. Meaning that the gear we supply may go all over the world, but it comes back to us for any repairs and maintenance it may need. Considering we’re talking about the armed forces that could be a lot of different things that need repairing. Still, we’re happy to do it. Keeping our kit working to its best ability, including preventative maintenance is just another service we provide, keeping us a one stop shop for the MoD’s welding supply needs.

We are proud to say that we will be supporting this operation in the way we at MetConnect do best, with welding gear.

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